I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I'm currently living in Austin, Texas, which are two of the coolest places in the world. I consider myself one lucky guy.

Before I arrived in Austin, I spent several years at a tech school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I got a few fancy-looking pieces of paper, one of which is apparently a Ph.D. in Physics. Now, I know what you're thinking: they just give those things away, don't they? Actually, no! It takes a lot of work.

So, I am a doctor. And although I can't technically prescribe drugs, it's still pretty fun. At least, it's fun if your idea of fun includes X-ray astrophysics.

After that, I spent a few years living in the Lower Haight in San Francisco, California, and working across the bay. Aside from the smelly people who thought they were hippies, it was a good time.

Later, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where I was employed as a research scientist in the Department of Astronomy. Guess what. There is such a thing as "brick cheese." I know!

Currently, I am a freelance astrophysicist, which is a fun thing to put as your job on a tax return. It's all possible thanks to the kick-ass crew at Eureka Scientific. They rock!

For informational purposes, this is what I looked like before and after the majority of my life so far:

I have been told there is a lot of sausage on my web site, maybe too much. Come on, people! There is never enough sausage.